Welcome to The Wilder School!

Wilder Memorial Nursery School · Founded in 1924 · Hingham, MA

Your Child's First Educational Experience

the Wilder School

Wilder Memorial Nursery School is located on historic Main Street in the beautiful town of Hingham, Massachusetts

our kids love coming to school!

We want your children to love coming to school!

Welcome to Wilder Memorial Nursery School. Wilder is believed to be the first cooperative preschool in the United States, and has a long and wonderful history with generations of families involved. Over the years, more than 4,500 children have participated in this program.

Every parent knows just how special his or her child is. We absolutely agree. Our goal is to create a rich environment that your child will explore and find success in every day. For many of the children this will be the beginning of their school experience; a great deal of learning will occur right here.

The Wilder Staff is dedicated to making the children's first school experience a positive one, encouraging them to become active participants in the learning process. We want them to love coming to school!

So get to know us!

We're so glad you're here! Browse our website, contact us by email or give us a call, 781-749-3518. You and your child will be glad you did.

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